Minecraft 1.7 Update Status

Last Update: (MC 1.7.4)

Hey everyone!

Minecraft 1.7 has been around for some time now and unfortunately updates to this site will probably take longer than usual.

To avoid confusion, here's the current situation regarding 1.7:

  • Slime Finder: still working
  • Nether Fortress Finder: working
  • Mineshaft Finder: you can now choose between new (1.7) and old formula
  • Seed Finder for Slime Chunks: working
  • Village Info: available for 1.7.4
  • Slime Mod: available for 1.7.4
  • Superflat Generator: updated
  • Block Compendium: updated
  • Unglitch: discontinued

Status last updated on Jan 20, 2014