Welcome to Chunk Base

Published: (MC 1.4.7)

Hello Minecraft World!

It took much longer than expected, but Chunk Base is finally online.

On Chunk Base, you can find different resources that should help you on your Minecraft adventures. To get started, simply use the wooden navigation bar above. There isn't a whole lot of content yet, but it will grow over time. So make sure to come by every now and then. You can also subscribe (like) on facebook or follow @chunkbase on twitter to stay connected.

If you want to know more about Chunk Base or me, take a look at the about page.

As with all new websites, your feedback is highly appreciated. Feel free to post any ideas, suggestions or criticism in the comments, via twitter or facebook. If you found a bug on the website, or if you have any questions about Chunk Base or Minecraft itself, you are welcome to contact me as well. Also, make sure to check out the chat box to the right.

Have fun!